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Studio Camagni was founded in 1987 by Aldo Camagni, a company doctor specialising in company economics, finance and control. Previously, Aldo Camagni was the senior partner with responsibility at European level in a leading international group for auditing and advice.
In the professional field, from 1992 to 2001, Aldo Camagni was a member of the Council of the Order of Company Doctors of Milan, with delegation to consultative committees and studios in the areas of Finance, Business Consultancy and Information Technology. He is, currently, president of the Finance, Control and Management Accounting Committee and the Committee for the Principal International Accountants (IAS) of the Order of Company Doctors of Milan. He also formed part of the committee of the National Council of Company Doctors for the auditing of accounts and management control in small and medium-size companies. He was a founding partner of Koinos (Cooperative Computer Technology Services Organisation of Company Doctors) of which he is currently an adviser and through which he maintains relations with its subsidiary Datev Koinos.
Studio Camagni benefits from the international experience of its founder both in the auditing of accounts that has been growing since 1969, by contact with principal industrial, private and public groups and companies of various sizes, Italian and foreign, and in business consultancy on the management and organisational aspects of the company, matured as founder and responsible for the European activities of one of the greatest bodies in strategic, organisational and corporate finance consultancy.