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Strategy and organisation

The objective of specialisation in strategy and organisation is to make decisions intended to significantly influence the future of the company. These are therefore decisions that concern the management of the company over a medium to long-term period.

The main objective of our consultancy is to support the Board in the assessment of the strategic alternatives through:

- assistance in identifying development scenarios and problems

- formulation of strategies and definition of strategic plans

- value creation and management

- internationalisation, joint ventures and entry into new business areas

The aim of organisational advice is to analyse company organisation (organisational check-up) and company functions, to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide concrete and measurable solutions for improved operation.

We are particularly concerned with designing, implementing, redefining and adapting the organisational structure and in particular:

- defining the company organisation chart (roles and functions) with associated areas of activity described for “line” levels and for “staff” items.

- Defining functions and tasks and the process of delegation and powers

- formulating procedures to regulate the growth of activities, coordinating and integrating the various functions and defining the relationships between interacting positions.